Art and Wine?

The opening bash for “Terre/Terroir” last night was surprisingly successful even though only about 20 people found their way to the isolated and gloriously rural spot that is the Domaine de la Garde in the Lot. I think they all thought it was worth the trip though, because the sun was out, the views were fabulous and the canapés were incredible  (thank you once again Clare and Michael ,…..)

Last night I sold two quite large framed prints and lost count of the amount of wine the vigneron (Jean Jacques) sold to my friends and “invités” !    I think in these grim times we artists can’t afford to be too precious about how and where our work is shown….. ….. OK, for the next two months, 19 of my etchings are barricaded behind several hundred boxes of wine, but the walls are dry and the lighting good, so …………… can’t grumble!!!

In fact, I have decided that I will be back to the Domaine de la Garde on every saturday afternoon in August (3-6pm).  If you can, come and track me down!

Below are a couple of shots of the “vernissage”.  One of me surrounded by wine boxes before the show started, and one of me with a couple of old and very dear friends …….


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Every day can’t be Sunday

Jeff’s poems are always inspirational…. although its the music that draws me in to start with! How come he likes all my favouite tunes? Bravo Jeff, AGAIN!

Three Score and Ten

Ry Cooder “Trouble you can’t fool me. “

This track is from the fabulous album “Bop till you drop” one of my favourites and it’s hard to find a duff track on the whole album. He combines blues, country and even a 220px-Ry_Cooder_playingsprinkling of gospel in this track. The lyrics say to watch out for trouble coming and that  for a lot of people it can disrupt their lives but we have to press on and not let it stop us.  Look for the positive. 

Well, you know, everyday can’t be Sunday …and you know one thing, behind every silver lining, there isn’t a dark cloud

Listening to this album always makes me feel positive. I love the way music can lift you in much the same way that poetry can. I have met many people over the last seventy years who are like that. They don’t look…

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My exhibition “Terre/Terroir” is only one tiny part of an enormous arts project in and around the village Castelnau Montratier in the Lot (46).  There are a total of eleven exhibitions in vineyards in the area, plus several exhibitions in venues in Castelnau itself, a series of “marouflages” pieces decorating the walls and pillars in the village centre and a jazz concert, also in Castelnau.   The project is called “Le Chemin des Arts’cades”  and all this activity is being led by a group of dedicated local artists and arts enthusiasts, including the formidable Florence Racine – a ceramicist with a gallery and studio in Castelnau.

For more information about Florence and the Castelnau arts project, check out these two websites


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My fourth exhibition of 2018 in nearly upon us (I’ve dropped the bus analogy……. )   “TERRE/TERROIR” starts on July 12 and runs until September 12.  It will be hosted by Jean Jacques Bousquet at Le Domaine de la Garde in Labastide Marnhac, which isn’t far from Cahors in the Lot (46).  Jean Jacques’s “terroir” straddles the Cahors and the Coteaux du Quercy wine regions and he will be serving several examples of  wines from both his vineyards  at the “Vernissage” on THURSDAY 12 JULY (6PM).  If anybody out there in Blog-land is within spitting distance (as it were) please do drop in and sample his wines and my etchings!    For more information about Le Domaine de la Garde, please check out the website  Some of the more recent of my etchings which will be exhibited in “Terre/Terroir” are illustrated below………..



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Well, it’s a bit like buses – you wait for months and then four come along at the same time. And it seems that I have four exhibitions this year in SW France. The first one has already started – the “vernissage” is on Sunday.  It’s at the Maison Jacob in Castelnau Montratier and is called “Le Mois Du Rouge” and features 8 artists who, you guessed it, all work a lot with the colour RED. I attach a poster (I hope).  And one of my “Ruby Gap” prints – all 4 of which are on show until the end of March at the Maison Jacob.


le mois du rouge Jupiter

The second bus (as it were) is JEMA which I will be taking part in for the third year running and, as last year, I will be exhibiting with Marjon Mudde and Rafaele Rohn at the ADPIC studios in Lauzerte.  I attach an image of one of the etchings on show there!  FANCY THAT, MORE RED!!!!  JEMA takes places in several locations in Lauzerte (and all over the country!) on 6/7/8 April.   Check out the JEMA website for more info :


The third exhibition this year is another group show and its in Lauzerte again, at the Espace Art Points de Vue from 11-26 April.  It’s a print show featuring 11 artists – 5 french and 6 english.  It’s called “PLANT LIFE IN PRINT/IMPRESSIONS VEGETALES. The english artists taking part are all members of the “FINGERPRINT” group based at the Dove Studios near Glastonbury in Somerset …..  which is a group I still belong to even though I haven’t lived in the UK for 10 years.  Alongside the exhibition there will be two etchings workshops (one run by Bron Bradshaw from the Dove, and one run by Marjon Mudde from ADPIC).  Below are some of the images that will be included in the exhibition – from left to right, two prints by Bron Bradshaw, one by Jenny Graham and one by Jacy Wall.

The fourth 2018 exhibition is still a bit of a mystery !  Suffice to say it involves several artists exhibiting in vineyard “chais” around Castelnau Montratier in July, August and September.  WATCH THIS SPACE…….


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I have actually started making some NEW ETCHINGS.  Actually, I haven’t finished them yet so no images are available, but they are being created specifically for the Art Market here in Lauzerte which will take place every wednesday evening in July and August.  So, they are small and a bit more figurative than my usual work.  BUT they are going to be red, so some things never change.   They have been inspired by the big ceramic vases and pots I made sketches of at Turn End Gardens, Haddenham in Buckinghamshire last year.

Some of my other more abstract small etchings will also be on show.   And cards of course.  I will be “exhibiting” with Chris Collister (photos), Marjon Mudde (etchings) and Rafaele Rohn (textiles).  Check out the poster below for more details……


For an art market taster, those of you in the area are welcome to come along to the inauguration of a “pop up” show that has just, well, “popped up” in Lauzerte.  The inauguration is on Monday 26 June at 6.30pm Galerie 34, Rue de la Garrigue.

rafaeleFlyer galerie 34-01.jpg


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OK, so I didn’t actually sell any etchings at the JEMA weekend – several cards, no etchings – so I cheered myself up by doing an artist’s book session with Marjon Mudde the following weekend.  I  have made several books with Marjon’s help, and do find it quite restful -= although I am pretty rubbish with the sewing side of things.  This time I was so ham-fisted I even failed to make a plait fastening, so had to twist some strands of cotton together instead.  Anyway, here is a picture of my new book…… the first with a hard cover.   Its about time I photographed the other books I have made, so watch this space….

Photo by Marjon Mudde….

la foret......

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Yes, it’s definite, I am taking part in JEMA this year at the ADPIC studio in Lauzerte.  And here is the leaflet to prove it…..

OKAY, so it’s a bit TEENSY, but my work will be on show on March 31st, April 1st & 2nd along with another printer, a textiles designer and a potter.

Check out the website

The hot news in town though is that there MIGHT be an art market in the square at Lauzerte every wednesday evening during July and August.  Must order some  more cards….

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A little bit like an art week?

I have just signed  up to show my work at a friend’s studio in Lauzerte during a national “arts and craft” weekend called  “Les Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art …

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A little bit like an art week?

I have just signed  up to show my work at a friend’s studio in Lauzerte during a national “arts and craft” weekend called  “Les Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art ” (JEMA).   JEMA takes place during the first weekend of April…. well, Friday 31 march until Sunday 2 April….  and our show at 22 Grand’ Rue in Lauzerte is called “Impressions et Matières”.    The show will include my prints alongside the prints of Marjon Mudde, work by her daughter Rafaele Rohn (Textiles Designer) and Ceramicist, Jean Francois Delorme.

Take a look at the JEMA website and see what you think!  These sort of national events for visual artists are rare in France so I am  pleased to be involved.   I did take a stand at a large group event for JEMA a couple of years ago, but it was so exhausting that I took a break last year.  I am sure that sharing a small exhibition venue with friends will be less stressful this time round!

Here is the link:


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