I am an artist – a printmaker who makes etchings.   I live in a small village in South West France that is surrounded by miles of stunningly beautiful and varied landscape… … which is fortunate because my prints are inspired by that landscape.  This blog aims to be mostly visual,  but it will also tell you something about the thinking behind my work and where I will be exhibiting over the next few months.  If you want more background information about me and my work, check out my website on  http://www.rosmarchant.co.uk

2 Responses to About

  1. Nina Adler says:

    Good luck with this blog. So far it looks OK for me – who is not much of an expert myself!!

  2. Sarah marchant says:

    Hi Ros. Steve and I have been looking at the blog and really enjoy it. It actually does sound like you too so it’s like having a conversation. Love the prints and I really hope that the exhibition goes well. All love Sarah.

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