Infinite Threads …..

Covid 19 has been a catastrophe for the world, but there have been some surprising positives! Here in rural South West France we all hunkered down into Lockdown for several months, eventually emerging into the light to form small groups or “bubbles” with friends in the area. One of our “bubbles” was with Newcastle poet Jeff Price, and his wife Lynda, who got stranded here last year. In fact they are STILL here and it’s February 2021.

And, thank god for that, because now we have “Infinite Threads”, a collaboration between Jeff and photographer Chris Collister. Chris had sent Jeff about 30 of his quirky black and white photographs in 2019, and during Lockdown Jeff was able to put the final touches to a series of brilliant poems inspired by these photos …….. which is now about to be made into a BOOK!

And I made a cover etching for the book ……..

We are hoping to launch “Infinite Threads” virtually sometime in April 2021, so if you would like to be kept informed check out the project website

You will of course be able to buy the book via the website (£19.95 plus P&P) and if you are feeling particularly enthusiastic you can also buy one of the (very) limited edition cover etchings and/or one of Chris’ wonderful photographs.

About rosalind marchant

I am an artist - I am a printmaker and I make abstract etchings. I live in a small village in south west France that is surrounded by miles of varied and colourful landscape ..... which is fortunate because my prints are inspired by the colours and patterns in that landscape.
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2 Responses to Infinite Threads …..

  1. janenemma says:

    Ooooh lovely – please can I buy a copy when it comes out

    Revd Jane Held
    Assistant Curate
    Blyth Valley Team Ministry and Cluster
    Oak Cottage
    The Street
    Suffolk IP19 0JX

    07771 556391
    01986 781318

  2. I will put you on the list, love!

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