I can’t believe that it’s been over 2 years since I posted here……..what have I been doing with my time? Actually, life has been pretty hectic because we moved house in early 2020, and then we were hit with YOU KNOW WHAT and right now I am in the process of creating a new studio at our new home. A mammoth task! As I write, the big glass doors are being installed, so it’s all very exciting. Check out my instagram posts for more visuals ……

But despite having had a tricky couple of years, I have produced SOME work. An art book or two, a couple of big commissions, a book cover ……..

But lets start with a pair of small delicate etchings called “Loch Shiel”, the result of a trip to Scotland in April 2019. Those were the days……..

Anyway, these are both 2 plate etchings using the white ground technique on aluminium. One turned out surprisingly figurative for me, plus I have been playing with colours other than red…. just for a change!

About rosalind marchant

I am an artist - I am a printmaker and I make abstract etchings. I live in a small village in south west France that is surrounded by miles of varied and colourful landscape ..... which is fortunate because my prints are inspired by the colours and patterns in that landscape.
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4 Responses to FINDING THE TIME?

  1. they are beautiful, light of touch. X

  2. janenemma says:

    I just LOVE the blue one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did not know you had done an art book and a book cover…dark horse!

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    Assistant Curate
    Blyth Valley Team Ministry and Cluster
    Oak Cottage
    The Street
    Suffolk IP19 0JX

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    01986 781318

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