Art and Wine?

The opening bash for “Terre/Terroir” last night was surprisingly successful even though only about 20 people found their way to the isolated and gloriously rural spot that is the Domaine de la Garde in the Lot. I think they all thought it was worth the trip though, because the sun was out, the views were fabulous and the canapés were incredible  (thank you once again Clare and Michael ,…..)

Last night I sold two quite large framed prints and lost count of the amount of wine the vigneron (Jean Jacques) sold to my friends and “invités” !    I think in these grim times we artists can’t afford to be too precious about how and where our work is shown….. ….. OK, for the next two months, 19 of my etchings are barricaded behind several hundred boxes of wine, but the walls are dry and the lighting good, so …………… can’t grumble!!!

In fact, I have decided that I will be back to the Domaine de la Garde on every saturday afternoon in August (3-6pm).  If you can, come and track me down!

Below are a couple of shots of the “vernissage”.  One of me surrounded by wine boxes before the show started, and one of me with a couple of old and very dear friends …….


About rosalind marchant

I am an artist - I am a printmaker and I make abstract etchings. I live in a small village in south west France that is surrounded by miles of varied and colourful landscape ..... which is fortunate because my prints are inspired by the colours and patterns in that landscape.
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