OK, so I didn’t actually sell any etchings at the JEMA weekend – several cards, no etchings – so I cheered myself up by doing an artist’s book session with Marjon Mudde the following weekend.  I  have made several books with Marjon’s help, and do find it quite restful -= although I am pretty rubbish with the sewing side of things.  This time I was so ham-fisted I even failed to make a plait fastening, so had to twist some strands of cotton together instead.  Anyway, here is a picture of my new book…… the first with a hard cover.   Its about time I photographed the other books I have made, so watch this space….

Photo by Marjon Mudde….

la foret......

About rosalind marchant

I am an artist - I am a printmaker and I make abstract etchings. I live in a small village in south west France that is surrounded by miles of varied and colourful landscape ..... which is fortunate because my prints are inspired by the colours and patterns in that landscape.
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  1. Looks pretty good to me!

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