About rosalind marchant

I am an artist - I am a printmaker and I make abstract etchings. I live in a small village in south west France that is surrounded by miles of varied and colourful landscape ..... which is fortunate because my prints are inspired by the colours and patterns in that landscape.
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  1. sarah says:

    Roz I have found your blog, i didnt realise you are venturing into food illustration but now you can pitch your etchings to a whole new adience such as Ben and Jerrys or your local food emporium as a point of discussion…I really like the simplicity of the shapes and colours, perhaps I will use them as inspiration for a series of pots. S.

  2. I like the “chinese whispers” idea (although I know it has been done before!)… I took my food ideas from Greg’s photos and you might make a series of pots based on my prints. Plates with food-shaped patterns and colours on them would be great fun! I will post the other 4 food images ASAP…RX

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